"Never underestimate the power of a woman."
Nellie McClung, Canadian Suffragette (1873-1951)
Mystic Truth to Power
Rescued near death after months of torture by demented Mexican drug lord EL GATO, DEA agent TRACY HENDERSON lives for revenge but finds the greatest enemy lurks within her own mind. Itinerant gambler JERRY CALVIN is also on the run from El Gato over a card game gone wrong and botched shipment of cocaine. Using his money and her skills, Jerry and Tracy join to plot a daring counterattack, but find their love for each other gets in the way.

Former exotic dancer LENA MILLS -- Tracy's adopted aunt -- is engaged to Florida Governor WIN STEDMAN, only to lose him on their wedding night to a massive heart attack. Outspoken and eloquent, Lena uses her rising popularity and newly-discovered ability to read minds and forecast the future to wage a mystically-mandated war against corrupt politicians.

Ride a roller-coaster adventure of raw humor, retribution and triumph of the human spirit against impossible odds -- as Lena, Tracy and Jerry team up with media magnet MELONY MAJOR to chase crooked congressmen from office and turn
Washington, D.C. on its ear!